OB Activities Week!

OB Activities Week!

Dear Players,

We have successfully launched our open beta for Heroes of Gaia and we are welcoming many new players everyday! As promised, you will have exciting things to do every week and here it begins for this week:

1. 27 Oct – 6 Nov | Daily Resource Boost
All players who login at least once per day will receive a Platinum Resource Box immediately upon logging in.

2. 31 Oct – 1 Nov | Weekend Doubles
DOUBLE EXP and RESOURCE from all battles this weekend, so make sure to get out and battle those beasties!

3. Oct 31 | Heroes’ Halloween

All players with fame exceeding 2200 will receive 2 Lucky Chests, 2 Master Keys and 2 Bronze Experience Pills.
As part of the festivities, you will receive TWO Hero Renaming cards which you can use to rename a Hero to whatever interesting or clever name for Halloween night! Remember to use one card to rename, and the other to reverse the renaming after Halloween; note that the best names get mini prizes!

4. Ending Nov 1, 2359hrs | Crème of the Crop

Players in the Top 50 Fame ranking will receive a mystery prize!

All players who were promised prizes for the OB will receive them by Friday, October 30th. We hope you look forward to having fun with us in the coming week!

Heroes of Gaia Team



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